Community Dream Project is an independent research and documentation platform for the dreams, hallucinations and visions of the People of the World.

Community Dream Project works with different communities to create ‘Community Dream Journals’, the first of which is the COVID-19 COLLECTIVE DREAM JOURNAL by the Global Community.

Community Dream Project dream documentation is for the purpose of —

— facilitation of community dialogues about the unconscious

— creation of an educational resource about dream practice as a tool for artistic performance, soul inquiry and psychological illumination

— observation of recurrent symbols and narratives among individuals in this moment in human history

— deconstruction of the language of dreams as means to access the hidden self and hidden worlds

— dream sharing as oral storytelling practice

Community Dream Project host a series of ‘School of Dreams’ workshops on unearthing creative potential from the unconscious by way of dreaming and using Instruments of Truth.

The soundtrack to Community Dream Project recordings is ‘The Devil’s Dream’ by Sid Hemphill, from the Alan Lomax Collection at the American Folklife Center, Library of Congress. Courtesy of the Association for Cultural Equity.

Community Dream Practice takes place on the stolen land of the Minjungbal people of the Bundjalung Nation. We pay our respects to elders past, present and emerging.

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